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In New York state, Auto insurance is necessary to be able to drive, as well as register a car. Insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company for financial protection in the event of an accident, property damage, theft, or even medical bills. When you pay premiums to your insurance company, they agree to pay any losses that are stated in your policy.

While you’re on the road, there are many major factors to consider. From road rage, drunk drivers, poor road conditions, and bad drivers – it’s best you stay protected with a car insurance provider. Whether you’re the one driving or hiring drivers for your business, you need insurance to keep yourself and others protected. Car insurance laws not only protect you, but also other drivers on the road.

Auto insurance is for accidents, not maintenance. Mechanical and cosmetic repairs are not something car insurance handles. These kinds of repairs are your responsibility, or are covered by a warranty. Think of car insurance as a protection against the unthinkable – car accidents happen frequently, so it’s best you stay protected.

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